Whaling City Seafood Display Auction

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Scallop Auction

Direct unloading of vessels takes place daily from the hours of 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. the following morning. The product is immediately culled for counts, weighed, boxed, iced, and placed in the auction cooler.

All products are displayed in the auction cooler in lots by count size. The auction is conductedScallops by count size, therefore, proceeds quickly. The auction will continue to the next count size until all lots are sold.

The auction starts 9:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. The Auctions Electronic system controls each transaction. The winner of a bid has several seconds to choose at least one lot or up to fifteen thousand pounds. The seller then has several seconds to accept or scratch the bid before it is finalized. If the seller decides to scratch the bid then the lot scratched is rolled to a second auction that proceeds the initial auction. If the seller scratches in the second auction, the buyer can manually put in a sealed bid for the product. If the seller scratches on the sealed bid the product can be rolled over to the next days auction or taken out of the system with the additional buyers fee.

The amount paid to the seller is the auction bid price. All fees are paid by the buyers.

At the end of each auction, the buyer is invoiced for charges incurred for that day. The amount the buyer will be charged is the bid price plus their handling fee.

ScallopsDuring and after the auction, the product is delivered to the shipping doors for loading and shipment. Products may also be transferred to cardboard or airfreight containers for an additional handling fee.

AUCTION HOURS: Scallop auction will start promptly at 9:00 a.m. Monday through Friday.

BUYER FEES AND ELIGIBILITY: Any potential dealer wishing to purchase product at the exchange must comply with the financial criteria determined necessary by the exchange's management on an individual basis and will be strictly adhered to. The exchange reserves the right to alter the amount of the letter of credit/bond requirements to accommodate any purchasing pattern of an exchange member. The exchange further reserves the right to revoke and or dismiss any member of the exchange for non-compliance to the financial criteria aforementioned.

SCALLOP HANDLING FEES: Buyer pays .15 per pound.

a) Channel
b) Georges
c) Mid Atlantic (all areas south of New England) the auction is not responsible for any misrepresentation of harvest areas.

ALL SCALLOPS will be displayed 30 Bags per cardboard vat with the pieces displayed in 2 bags per tote.

ALL SCALLOPS will be sold under the traditional numerical category system, as is the industry standard.

THREE TWO POUND RANDOM count samples per 30 Bag vat will be taken in order to determine the numerical category that the particular lot of scallops will be represented for sale. The average of the three counts taken is what in fact determines the numerical category.

NO TOLERANCE FACTORS have been allowed for in the representation of the average count and the net weight of the scallops. Buyers must be aware of the time the vessel was unloaded and the location of the harvest area. Example: southern scallops will milk more than a channel scallop. There will be scales available to check counts and weights.

WHALING CITY SEAFOOD DISPLAY AUCTION, INC. does not test the moisture content of any scallop nor is responsible for the same.

ONE POUND PER TOTE will be discounted from the seller for the scallop bag weight. Scallop bag weight is not discounted from any purchase, however a shrinkage factor of one pound per tote will be deducted from the gross weight. All buyers will be bidding on the net weight.

SELLER HAILS: Sellers are advised to e-mail or to call in advance with hails and ETA to schedule unloading. Unloading hours will be 11:00 AM to 6:00 AM Sunday through Friday. The exchange is accessible by calling 508-990-0799 or e-mailing ray@whalingcityauction.com twenty-four hours daily. Friday evening and Saturday unloading is available only through appointments. Vessels Only.

DISPLAY OF PRODUCTS: The auction will display all fresh scallops by lot number, species and seller. On the reverse side of the display tag will be the time the vessel was unloaded, the gross weight less shrinkage of one pound per tote, then the net weight, three two pound count samples and then the average count of the three samples, and the name of the inspector. All seafood will be displayed between the hours of 7:00 AM 9:00 AM .

FOR INSPECTION, we have established an open door policy for all buyers to view the unloading of the vessels.

TRUCK DELIVERIES: To insure correct culls, all truck deliveries will be re-culled, re-weighed, and re-iced. (No product will be displayed in cardboard boxes or improper containers).

VENDORS MAY BRING PRODUCT in via trucks between the hours of 11:00 AM 6:00 AM the following morning, Sunday through Friday. The product will be posted under the vessel name and paid for in said vessels name when physically unloaded at our unloading facility. Third parties desiring to consign product through the auction will be posted and paid for using their company names. No misrepresentations will be made at any time.


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